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Fun Way to Give Money on Valentine’s Day

origami currency heart

Hi Everyone! Terri’s assistant Carol here. I keep trying origami and struggling, but I was determined to make a heart. After watching videos on you tube and being frustrated that people’s fingers were in the way, I thought I would share what I learned with you with step out photos. Yes, I tried the instructions sheets too — how fast can you say craft fail?  I bet there are a few more people out there that will find this visual helpful. Fingers crossed. I thought it was pretty simple once I could see which direction the folds went.

I even put a heart dollar on my fiance’s computer keyboard.

You could put these in a card, add a few with double sided tape to a card, or if you get really good, sit and fold them in from of your children or tweens and watch them say wow!

Tip: Start with a nice crisp bill.


Dry your own flowers and have nearly free materials for crafting!

preserve special flowers TerriO

I love flowers! So when I am lucky enough to get them I want to keep them forever!

Sometimes I collect them from special occasions like wedding, funerals and so forth.

Depending on what I want to do with them later, I have several different ways to preserve them.

How to press them:

The easiest way, but it does take the longest, is to press them between the pages of heavy books. In between the pages fold a piece of wax paper in half, in between that put a paper towel folded in half, then in between that lay your flowers out. Close the book and put something very heavy on top. Some flowers work better than others when it comes to pressing. This process may take weeks or even months but it’s free!

Microfleur is a tool that you can use to press flowers while drying them in the microwave. I love this tool. One tip is to take your time. Microwave in short bursts so you don’t burn them. Here are some tips from their website:

–The Microfleur flower press uses your microwave to remove water from flowers, leaves, and botanical specimens so they can be added to your project the same day.

–It will take only a few short microwave bursts to dry flowers and plants from your garden, providing you with nearly free materials for greeting cards, scrapbooks, decorating and botany projects.  ·

–Presses are available in 5″ and 9″ sizes as well as replacement parts and a 30 page project book, packed with ideas and full color pictures. ·

–This press is used by oshibana and other artists, card makers, crafters, and botanists.

For information on finding a press visit Microfleur.

How to preserve them as a whole:

I used silica gel. You can find silica gel at most craft stores. Follow the instructions on the box. What I like about silica gel is that you can use it over and over again. The only thing to be aware of is that some flowers will discolor or even change color. But that will happen regardless of pressing or drying. Just be careful when preserving that you add the gel gently as to not crush your flowers. Again some work better than others. I found roses work the very best! For more information you can visit Activa Products.  

You can FOLLOW ALONG WITH ME and see how easy it is to preserve your flowers in this video from Sonoran Living.

“Me Journal”

simple embellished journal for your new year

It’s a new year and I am vowing to myself to give “me” some extra time this year. As I get older, I am finding that I need time to sort my busy life out.

My kids are older which only makes for a more complicated life. Here are just a few tips to help you create your own “Me Journal”.

Book. You can buy one that is ready to be decorated. Some of them are already put together and some of them you need to assemble.
Paper cutter
Favorite sayings

Tips for newbies to crafting:
You can pick up a simple spiral bound book at the dollar store. All you have to do is add ribbon and glue paper.
A paper cutter is not necessary but it sure does come in handy!
If you don’t have any paper or embellishments the easiest way to put a book together is buy a book or package of themed papers. They even have sayings and tags inside for you to cut and glue.
You don’t have to complete your book in one day. The idea is to keep it with you and add to it as the year progresses. I have put in napkins that have been scribbled on to fortune cookie sayings that mean something to me. If it fits in your book add it!

You can catch the Sonoran Living video and discover how this simple project can make you smile.

Bubble Gum Jar for You and Your Kids to Craft

super simple bubble gum craftThis faux gumball machine makes a colorful gift for a child’s birthday or as a birthday party centerpiece.

Supplies and tools:

Terra cotta pot with coaster

1 1/2″ – 2″ wooden ball

Paints (acrylic) and brushes – I used purple, white and yellow

Round vase with a small mouth

Black Sharpie

Hot glue gun and glue sticks


Super simple instructions:

Paint terracotta pot and coaster. Let dry.

Paint wooden ball. Let dry.

Paint white area as shown. Let dry.

Write cost of gumballs with sharpie as shown.

Turn pot over and use your glue gun to affix bottom of vase to bottom of pot. Let cool.

Glue wooden ball on the bottom center of the coaster. Let cool.

Fill vase with gumballs.

Close with coaster lid and a painted wooden ball glued on as a handle.

Now you are ready to party!


Love Bug Magnets

kids crafts terri oSupplies:

3 to 4 inches craft foam, red, white or pink

1 1/4-inch pompom, red, white or pink

1 1-inch pompom, red, white or pink

1 1-1/2-inch pompom, red, white or pink

3 12-inch, 4-mm pipe cleaners, red, white, pink or purple (for legs)

1 6-inch, 4-mm pipe cleaner, red, white, pink or purple (for antennae)

10 10-by-12-mm heart-shaped pony beads, red, white or pink

1 pair 10-mm wiggle eyes



1-1/2 inches of 1/2-inch adhesive-backed magnetic strip


kids crafts terri o

Completion Time: 15 minutes


  1. Cut a figure 8 out of craft foam, making top circle a little smaller than bottom (This will be love bug’s head and body).
  2. Cut 12-inch pipe cleaners in half. Twist around pencil to curl “legs.” Glue 3 on each side of “body” circle.
  3. Cut 6-inch pipe cleaner in half for antennae. Glue on head.
  4. Put 1 heart-shaped bead on each antennae and leg. Turn back ends of pipe cleaners so jagged edges aren’t sticking out.
  5. Glue 1-1/2-inch pompom on body base and 1-inch pompom on head base. Glue two heart beads vertically in center of 1-1/2-inch pompom.
  6. To make nose, glue 1/4-inch pompom on 1-inch pompom. Glue on eyes.
  7. Cut magnetic strip into 1-inch and 1/2-inch pieces. Glue to back of love bug.

Savory Apple Brunch Pastry

Savory Apple Brunch Pastry

Simple, fast and tasty!

Does not look exciting yet but when topped with all the ingredients it is going to be amazing!

Does not look exciting yet but when topped with all the ingredients it is going to be amazing!


Pastry Dough

Shredded Cheese: Pamesan/Romano is pictured

Apple slices (thin): Gala is pictured

Onion (chopped): Red is pictured




  1. Follow pastry dough directions for oven temperature. I used rolled pastry sheets I found at Trader Joe’s and simply left the dough on the parchment paper and placed it on the cookie sheet.
  2. Sprinkle top with cheese.
  3. Sprinkle chopped onion.
  4. Arrange apple slices.

    Ready to go into the oven!

    Ready to go into the oven!

  5. Sprinkle with dill
  6. Bake until just golden brown—about 12 minutes give or take.

It is also easy to be adventurous with this pastry by changing the variety of apples, cheeses, onions and herbs used.

Guyere Cheese and Granny Smith Apples?

Yellow Apples and Rosemary for the herb?

Cheddar and  Red Delicious Apples with cinnamon sugar instead of onion?

super simple with terri o apple brunch pastryWhat will you choose?

Valentine Door Hanger

valentine craft terri oWhen your child awakes on February 14, this could be a fun greeting. It would also make a nice teacher gift.

Materials needed for Valentine Door Hanger:

2 pieces Fun Foam

1 piece Valentine wire

Paint pens

1 piece netting

Valentine’s Day candy

Glue gun

Completion Time: 15 minutes


  1. Cut two equal-sized hearts out of Fun Foam.
  2. Cut out a smaller heart from inside one of the Fun Foam hearts.
  3. Glue a piece of netting over the smaller heart hole.
  4. Glue the two large hearts together, leaving the top open and the netting on the inside of the hearts.
  5. Glue the two ends of the Valentine’s Day wire on the opposite ends of the heart, creating a handle.
  6. Decorate the heart with paint pens.
  7. When the glue dries, fill the heart with Valentine’s Day candy.

Many Uses for Vintage Trinkets

Vintage Trinkets by Prima

It is super simple to use Vintage Trinkets (made by Prima) to help your child make a cute necklace or package tie for a boxes gift for a special Aunt or Grandmother for Valentine’s Day! The bezels come already embellished or you can add your own. The domes help make the photos you use stand out.super simple with terri o

  1. Just place the pre-made dome on a photo you printed out and trace around the edge.
  2. Cut out slightly inside the circle.
  3. Use Elmer’s Glue to seal the image and dome in place.
  4. Add a bead dangle and/or ribbon.super simple with terri o vt3

These would also make adorable scrapbook adornments! For anyone still taking down their tree and packing the ornaments, these sweet little trinkets could also be darling ornaments—and you have started to prepare for Christmas 2014! You head starter, you!

vintage trinkets super simple with terri o

Simple Dish Cloth Gift – Britches

terri o dish cloth giftsThese are so cute and a quick gift to make for a hostess.

You will need yarn or ribbon, a needle with an eye big enough for yarn (darning needle), two large dish cloths, scissors, and a tag for these super simple britches.
1. Thread the needle.
2. Fold one dish cloth in half. Sew a seam close to the edge half way. terri o dish cloth britches
3. Repeat with second dish cloth.
4. Now with one dish cloth facing left and the other facing right, sew the open parts together to form the pants.
5. At the “waist”, weave your needle in and out with colored yarn gather to make it ruffle before you tie the bow.
6. Do the same for each “pant leg.britches-3

7. Attach poem:
Now don’t get excited,
and don’t be misled,
These are not for you,
but your dishes instead.
Untie the bows.
Pull out the stitched.
You have gained two dish cloths,
but lost your britches!