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Glass Bottles Repurposed

Glass Bottles Repurposed

Glass Bottles RepurposedLevel: Super Simple
Designed by: Terri O

Before you throw that glass bottle away take a real good look at it. There may be potential for another use! I decorated mine with paper and buttons to make these really cute centerpieces. All you need is a little inspiration. Here are some of the supplies I used. You can use just about anything!

Kid friendly!

Craft Supplies Needed:

  • Scrapbook paper
  • Glue Zots by 
  • Buttons
  • Ribbon
  • Felt cut outs
  • Wire
  • Glass transfers


Project Instructions:

Any glass container will work. The more unique the better. I even found an old Listerine bottle in the desert once. That‘s the bottle in the middle. It’s probably 20 years old! If you use glue zots you can remove the embellishments and keep on reusing your bottle.

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Card Table Table Cloth and Napkin Set

card table cloth and napkins terri o

Level: Easy & Beginner
Designed by: Terri O and Design Team

Craft Supplies:

  • Sewing machine
  • 2 yards fabric
  • 2 yards co-coordinating fabric
  • Fusible webbing or heat & bond
  • Scissors
  • Iron and ironing board
Project Instructions:
1.      With one yard of each fabric lay them face to face and pin. Cut off any excess or uneven edges.
2.      Sew the edges together all the way around leaving enough room for your hand to fit thru the opening.
3.      Turn fabric right side out thru the hole. I used a dowel or a stick to push the corners out.
4.      Iron the edges down tight. At the opening cut a strip of fusible webbing and place it just inside. Iron over the webbing to close the opening.
5.  Repeat 1 thru 4 for the napkins. I used a napkin as a template to create a pattern.


Flowery headbands you can make


hair clips
glue gun or E-6000
silk or paper flowers
beads or jewelry parts
jewelry pendants
acrylic paint
shoe laces

Instructions for shoe laces:
I used the end of a brush to make the dots. Just remember the dark laces are a bit more difficult. The paint absorbs right into it, so you may have to do it twice.

Instructions for hair clips & headbands:
I bought mine at the dollar store. I covered the headbands with ribbon and added flowers. For the hairclips, I added felt to help support the end of the clip where I want to add flowers or beads.

Instructions for the bracelet:
I bought my bracelets and various craft stores and the dollar store. I just glued small random embellishments to the bracelets. For the snap bracelet, thankfully the center of the bracelet when it is laid out flat is the perfect spot to glue.

Instructions necklace:
Fill your pendent with your favorite things. I used pretty paper as the background then added all kinds of little items that mean something to me. Once you have everything where you want it, fill the pendent with clear acrylic glaze. My favorite one is Diamond Glaze from Judikins.

Grill it!

I live in Arizona where hot pads can be required in the heat of summer for the steering wheel.

One of the benefits of grilling outside is it does not heat up the kitchen.

As, I have said before, cooking is not my specialty. Fortunately there are great chefs in the world who share their knowledge.

I do know that before your BBQ you should first prep you grill.

Crank it to high

Use a wire brush to clean

In this Serious Eats article Chef Emeril Legasse shared how he rotates the meat like a clock.

Do you love boneless skinless chicken breasts but have had trouble with the chicken coming out too dry on the grill? Try this! It pairs wonderfully with fresh sliced pineapple grilled. Amazingly yummy! Peaches are great too!

Taste of Home does a fabulous job of sharing the recipes of real cooks around the county. When the fisherman in your family brings home tilapia, salmon, mahi mahi, halibut, catfish, snapper or tuna, these recipes will surely get your moth watering!

Don’t forget to leave room on your grill for veggies. Marinade first is the rule of thumb. You can even grill lettuce. Caesar Salad anyone? 

BBQ with charcoal or an electric grill?

Electric is easier but nothing beats the taste of charcoal. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it!

And, for the serious BBQ geek, check out this oh so serious apron (the picture belongs to Think Geek):


I can so picture some of the firemen I know who are part of a craft brew club equipped with this hold-everything, “tactical bbq” apron at their annual beer and rib contest.

What are your favorite BBQ recipes?

Wooden Craft Stick Flags to make and use for several holidays

super simple craft flag

Level: Very Easy

This project is super easy and best of all quick. You can make this project and proudly display it for several holidays. Flag Day, 4th of July and Memorial Day to name a few.

Craft Supplies Needed

Craft sticks. These are larger in size than Popsicle sticks.
Acrylic paint in red, white and blue
Blue craft foam
Wood stars
3/8 round dowels
Hot glue gun. I used wood glue sticks.
Tacky glue
Craft mat or wax paper

Project Instructions

Paint 4 sticks red and 3 sticks white. Paint front, back and sides. Let dry.
Paint stars white. Let dry. Cut dowel in half and paint blue. Let dry.
To glue craft sticks together I set two sticks about 4 inches apart horizontally. Starting with the red stick lay it vertically across the two sticks and glue. Alternate with white and red sticks. Before you glue the last stick trim off the ends because the craft stick will be too long.
Cut a square from the blue foam. Approximately 3×2 inches. But you may need to eyeball it and trim it.

‘Tweet Lil’ Wooden Bird with Scrapbook Paper and Thread Spools

Super Simple Terri OI saw a folk art bird like this one for sale in a shabby chic shop. The tag was $12! Eek!

I am going to show you how super simple it is to lovingly craft one bird for a tenth of that. For $12 you could recreate a flock of these sweet tweeters!

You might have to spend all of a $1 for the wooden bird, but the rest of the tools and craft supplies you probably already have to hand.  The whole project takes about 30 minutes to do. Honestly, I spent the most time picking out buttons and the paper I wanted to use.

You’ll need, buttons, spools of thread, a length of ribbon or cord ,a bamboo skewer, a wooden bird, glue, 2 contrasting yet complimentary scrapbook papers, plus a pencil and scissors.

Terri O CraftFor the base, I used 3 little spools of thread I had as part of a sewing kit and tied them together.

Use Aileen’s or E6000 to glue the buttons on top of the spools.

Insert skewer.

Next I traced the bird and the wings onto scrapbook paper and cut them out

Tip: If you take a piece of white scrap paper and press it down on around the edges of the elevated bird’s wing, you will get enough of an impression to cut out a wing template.

I glued the paper and the button eyes down with regular Elmer’s glue.

Terri O DIY crafts

I managed to buy the last bird in the store. But this project would be cute if the bird had a couple of tweet friends. Just as you might display 3 candles at separate heights as a centerpiece, you could have 3 birds at different heights – simply shorten 2 of the skewers.

Alternately I could have painted the bird.

Terri O

Add Bling and Sass to Summer Sandals and Swimsuits

Want to make plain flip flops get ohhs and ahhs?craft sandals terri o

If you would rather not pay $20 or $30 or more  for designer sandals or flip flops, here is my super simple way to add beads and bling!

The great thing is, it costs just pennies and a few minutes of your time to craft. Update your summer swimsuit and sandals with some beads and bling. I used last years shoes and an inexpensive pair I bought for a dollar.

Adding spice to a swim suit is just as simple!


2 pair of plain sandals or flip flops

assorted beads (or buttons or a combination of the two)


hot fix tool

flexible glue



wire cutters
Beaded Bling Sandals:

1.  First lay out your beads in the order you want them to be placed on your shoe. String it with beads. You will need about 3 times the length of the strap for the wire.

2.  Attach the wire by pushing it thru the spot where it is attached to the bottom of the shoe. Wrap it around the rubber knob that secures the strap to the shoe. Simply wrap the wire around the shoe strap and place a bead on top each time your wrap it.

3.  Once your reach the end, secure it into the bottom of the little knob that secures the strap. If your shoes break our wear out, because they are pretty cheap, simply cut the wire and remove the beads.

Rhinestones Sandals:

1. I used a hot fix tool to adhere the beads. For the larger beads make sure you use FLEXIBLE glue.

update swim suit terri oUpdated Swim Suits:

1. I just added a few beads on a head pin to give an old suit some new life.


If you’d like to see how, click here!


Patricia from New York won my DVDs this week.

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Heroes never go out of fashion

Vintage and near vintage art is popularly repurposed in jewelry and mixed media art. I have not decided what I will make with this piece, maybe a card later in the month for Operation Write Home’s annual blog hop, maybe a piece of jewelry. However, when I ran across this poster my son is the first person who came to mind.

Standing_Tall Armed Forces Day poster 1951

The poster is circa 1951 and celebrates National Armed Forces Day. Here is the poster for May 18, 2013:


On February 27, 1950, President Harry Truman signed the proclamation declaring the third Saturday in May National Armed Forces Day. Parades at military bases in the US and abroad marked the day.

“Armed Forces Day, Saturday, May 20, 1950, marks the first combined demonstration by America’s defense team of its progress, under the National Security Act, towards the goal of readiness for any eventuality. It is the first parade of preparedness by the unified forces of our land, sea, and air defense,” President Truman said.

Here are a few more photos nabbed from the DOD site.


PASSING IN REVIEW – Airmen from Andrews AFB, Md., salute President Harry S. Truman during a parade down Constitution Avenue in Washington, D.C. (AFD-1951)


PEERING AT CONTROLS – Future pilots check out the controls of a jet during an open house at Kadena Air Base, Okinawa, Japan. (AFD-1956)


PERFORMING AT THEIR BEST – The National Guard band of Washington D.C., performs on the grounds of the Washington Monument. (AFD-1976)

108th Army Band AZ

Arizona has its own Army National Guard Band that performs around the state.The jazz section is particularly super! There are many military bands around the US. If you would like to request a band perform in your community you can do that HERE.




If your desire is to create something nice for our men and women currently in service check out the inspiration and instructions for making blank cards for them to send  to loved ones at Operation Write Home where more than 2 million cards have been deployed since 2007.