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Mother’s Day Frame

Mosaic Mother’s Day Frame

Level: Super Simple

Designed by Terri O

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Supplies List:

Mosaic Squares 1” tissue squares item #83125
Decoupage medium
Paint brush
Water bottles
Sharp scissors


1. Decoupage the tissue squares onto a frame. (if you don’t know how to decoupage visit
2. Cut out the bottom of a 16 ounce water bottle. You will see a flower pattern at the bottom. Just kind of follow the pattern. Paint the flower with acrylic paint. Using glitter glue or any glue add a rhinestone in the center.
3. Attach flowers to frame along with any other embellishments.

How to Look Tall

A few simple tips can add inches to your height.  If you can’t be tall you might as well look it!

Long and Lean

Who doesn’t want to look a little longer and leaner?  Try these tips to add some height and take off a few pounds.

  • Expose your slimmest bits like your wrists, collarbone, or ankles so eyes are drawn to your narrowest body parts.
  • Show a little bit of leg.   This creates visual elongation. The best hemline is at the knee or slightly above the knee.
  • Think column.  Dress in a mono-chromatic color scheme from head to toe. This causes the eye to move vertically versus horizontally.
  • Fall “hem over heels”.  Wear a heel and make sure your hem falls over your shoe without bunching and dragging on the floor.
  • Create visual interest at your tallest point. Add a little volume at your crown or pile your hair on top in a simple up do.
  • Wear a v-neck and long, narrow accessories to reinforce the vertical movement.

Fawn Cheng is a Personal Stylist & Brand Strategist for more information visit:

Old Jeans Re-purposed

Before you throw out those used up and torn jeans, see what Terri O can do with them. You will be inspired.  Watch HERE.  Or, see directions below:

Here are a few tips:

  • Keep certain parts intact. For example the fly, pockets, labels and tags, belt loops and any embellishments.
  • Cut out areas bigger than you think you might need them.
  • To stiffen fabrics use a fabric stiffener. You will find it at the craft store. There are a few brands.
  • If you need to shape the fabric around something adhere it to the item first then brush with fabric stiffener.
  • Here are a few things I made with old jeans: a lamp shade, notebook cover and picture frame.

Have fun and get creative! Send me pictures of your recycled jeans projects.

3 Things You Should Keep in the Freezer

· Glue Sticks. You will find that they won’t create strings of glue when using your glue  gun.
· Taper Candles. Tests have shown they burn 15 minutes longer!
· Sauce packets. When your little one gets a boo boo it’s a quick and super simple fix.

Food Storage Tips

Food Storage Tips:
· Don’t rinse and reuse plastic bags for food. They can harbor bacteria.
· Do consider shapes when buying containers. Square containers fit better than round containers.
· Don’t put margarine tubs and takeout containers in the dishwasher. They breakdown and are not safe against the heating element. Always reuse but wash by hand.
· Do use permanent markers to code lids with matching containers.

Jeweled Mittens

Here is a super simple way to jazz up your mittens with some bling.  Watch how I do this HERE!