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Sassy Headbands

Love these!!!  Be a trend setter with your own custom headband. These cost less than 3 bucks to make! Think of the possibilities.

Terri’s Terrific Tacos

The idea behind frying my own taco shells comes from my mom. I grew up in Arizona so Mexican food was something I ate growing up. I never knew that most people bought their taco shells already cooked and formed. My mom always fried the shells so now I do too. If you have never done it before give it a try I think you will really love the taste.


Canola oil

Corn tortillas

  1. I have an old pan that I use just for frying shells. It’s really ugly and my husband keeps trying to throw it away but I love it. It’s seasoned and fits the shells perfectly. You can use any frying pan or cast iron pan. Have a paper plate ready with a few layers of paper towels on it and some tongs. You don’t want to be getting these things while you are frying shells! Add about ¼ inch of oil and heat until just before it starts to smoke. If it’s smoking it’s too hot.
  2. Test the edge of the tortilla by dipping it into the oil. If it starts to fry and bubble it’s ready!
  3. Gently place the shell in the oil and with your tongs gently push the center of the shell down. It will automatically bubble up and if you don’t push and hold it down the edges will cook too fast without the middle cooking at all.
  4. If you like your tacos soft, flip your shell over after about 10 to 15 seconds. Fold in half and fry each side for about 5 to 10n seconds. For crisper shells add about 5 to 10 seconds on each side.
  5. Lift shell out of pan and let the oil drip off and place your shell on the paper towels. The towels will absorb any excess oil. Fry all your shells at once. Keep in mind your oil may continue to get hot so you will want to watch that. Remember no smoking oil.
  6. For hard flat shells fry each side until crisp. Test the shell in the center with your tongs. In order for you to have yummy crispy shells it must be hard. If it bends or bounces it’s not done.
  7. Now these aren’t the healthiest of foods but hey…you can walk an extra mile tomorrow! Enjoy.

Quilt Magic

Being creative does not require glue or sewing. Quilt Magic is the perfect craft project for anyone of any skill level. It allows you to make beautiful wall art in one afternoon.  Click HERE to watch how cool and easy this project is.

Unruly Eyebrows

1. The quickest way to care for your eyebrows is to run an eyebrow brush through them quickly to add shape and to get rid of any specs of foundation or powder. Always comb up and out to open up the eyes.
2. The most elegant brow is elongated, simple, and clean.
3. Don’t tweeze above your eyebrows, as it may become fuzzy. If your brows are messy on top, you can see a professional to have it waxed.
4. If you’ve messed up waxing or plucking your eyebrows and need the hair to grow back fast, here are a couple of tricks you can try. Put olive oil on your eyebrows at night (lot of olive oil) and don’t wash it off. You can also use vitamin E tablets to help the hair grow faster. Just split the capsule open and spread the gooey insides on your eyebrows. You can also stimulate growth by massaging your brow with a toothbrush.
5. If your eyebrows are too dark when compared to your hair (maybe you’ve colored or highlighted your hair), you can get your eyebrows colored too. Eyebrows should normally be one or two shades darker than your hair color. Keep in mind that the FDA warns against lightening your eyebrows, but it is generally safe if you have a professional do the work.
6. Remember as you tweeze that the space between your eyebrows should be about the same length as your eyes.
7. If your brows are sparse or spotty, you can fill them in with a brow powder or eyebrow pencil.

Up-cycle Jeans

Up-cycled Jeans

Create a new look with old clothes.

Give those old jeans new life!  Learn how to up-cycle America’s favorite fabric!

If you want to see a quick video on how I created this cute lamp, CLICK HERE!

Celebrating Website Launch!

A "thumbs up" moment

This is me and my assistant Lisa the moment this website became live!  We have been working on this concept for months and with the debut of my new TV show, “Super Simple with Terri O” we are excited to have this up and running.  The show airs this Saturday at 8:30am Phoenix time on KAET-TV.

Super Simple with Terri O is my new lifestyle show in which I share tips on how to simplify your life in the areas of crafting, fitness, food and fashion.  If you want to watch my show in your market, call your local PBS station and ask them to pick it up!  Go to to find your local station.

For info on what’s coming up on the show, go to:

Thanks for tuning in!

Crafty Chica Tops List of Amazing Women

Inspiring Woman

So creative! So Sweet! I'm so proud to call her friend!

You must read this article in the AZ Living section of  I have the privilege of knowing Kathy Cano- Murillo through our mutual love of crafting and she is the best! Congratulations Kathy on being honored through this article as being an inspiration to all people through your creativity and huge heart!
CLICK HERE for the story.

Fix Flabby Arms

Fix Flabby Arms

Don’t let the back of your arms continue waving after you have stopped! Personal trainer Clarence Ferguson has a few super simple exercises you can do to prevent the on going wave.
Anything that extends the arm or lengthens it is a tricep exercise. With that in mind here we go!
1. Single arm extension: Grab any form of resistance bend your arm and return it too the straight position. Be sure  once you pick a position to start from, your elbow remains fixed. 15 to 20 reps each arm.

2. Double arm extension: The same as above except now you are using two arms instead of one. You can perform either of these exercises standing or seated. What determines your body position is how much weight you are using.

3. Bench dips: Place both hands on your bench or whatever your using to hold your body up , walk your legs out to your desired level of work load, remember the further your legs are away from your body the greater the resistance will become. Once your feet are set descend slowly until your arms are at 90 degrees push up and return to your starting position. Repeat 15 times

4.Close grip push ups: From your feet or from the modified position (on your knees) place your hands about thumb apart . Rotate your shoulders so your arms are parallel to your body (places more emphasis on triceps, versus the chest doing more of the work) slowly descend up and down to your desired rep range.

Do 15 to 20 reps  in sets of 3. You can make it a circut so you won’t tire as easily.

Clarence Ferguson

Check out Clarenc’s website
and here his blog : for more great tips and inspiration.

Office Workout

Open the upper body with some stretches.

Check out this video with my personal trainer Clarence.  He shows us how we can refresh our energy right by the office computer!  Hey – if you like this, make sure you share it on facebook!

Garlic Roasted Chicken

So simple and so yummy!

You will need:

1 4-5 lb. whole chicken
8-10 whole cloves garlic – or more if you like
Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper
Creole Seasoning
Soy Sauce

Wash and pat chicken dry.  Rub with butter, salt and pepper.
Place garlic cloves inside cavity of chicken.
Place a couple of sliced cloves under skin of breast.
Spray or coat chicken with a thin layer of olive oil.
Sprinkle creole seasoning over chicken.
Shake soy sauce over chicken.  (You decide how much.)

At some point in your preparation, place the chicken in a dutch oven.  Bake in preheated oven uncovered at 425 for 1/2 hour. Reduce heat to 325, cover and cook for another 45 minutes to an hour.  You can uncover and baste as you like or just leave it.  Chicken will be moist and delicious.  Cut pieces and serve with the whole cooked cloves of garlic from the cavity.  Serve alone or with your favorite veggies.  Pairs nicely with a Kendall Jackson Chardonnay. Enjoy!